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Hi, I'm Nick, the host of the Picturebooking Podcast since 2014. Picturebooking showcases the authors and illustrators behind popular children's books. Each episode is a deep dive into what it takes to create memorable stories. We celebrate book creators as artists, and Picturebooking provides adult conversations about the artform.

There are a lot of other causes and podcasts that are more than worthy of attention. But the Picturebooking audience knows that empathy is what this world needs. A
nd the best way to grow empathy in someone is to expose them to great art. Art provides you someone else’s experience. And the best way to expose our kids to great art is picture books. Picturebooking does it's best to champion the people who make these stories.

My audience is made up of makers. Professional & pre-professional artists and writers. They are looking for tools to help them make and show stories and art. They are looking to save time and build time into their day. They are hungry to learn ... and not just about books. They are entrepreneurs. They are a lot like me. If I like a product, they know they will probably like it too.

The show has been downloaded over 150,000 times. Please reach out only if you think you have a product or service that fits the needs of this active creative audience.

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Nick Patton loves stories. In addition to the role of dad, husband and son Nick is an artist, illustrator and creator of the beloved Picturebooking Podcast. What started out of frustration as an author and illustrator pursuing the goal of becoming published has become a thoughtful podcast that enables thousands of listeners to connect with authors and illustrators in a meaningful way. Featured guests include Melissa Sweet, Greg Pizzoli, Josh Funk, Elise Parsley and many, many more.
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