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Reel Crime - The Movie Sleuth Podcast
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Reel Crime is a cutting edge, all encompassing, weekly podcast that discusses the state of film. Features include topics such as horror, movie music, genre news and reviews, interviews with people from the industry, and a great sense of humor. Reel Crime is an offshoot of the independent spoiler free web location, The Movie Sleuth, named the best movie site in Detroit by in 2015.

Reel Crime is published weekly (Wednesdays) and is rapidly gaining momentum. In just a short time, we've
gone from 0 to over (sometimes) 2000 downloads per episode.

The Movie Sleuth publishes all podcasts to our over 5000 followers on Twitter and nearly 30,000 on FB as well as various other social platforms such as Reddit, Stumbleupon, Google+, and many many more. All podcasts are published to our front page as well, where we;re currently hitting 300,000 unique IPs and almost half a million page views a month. Our site and brand is growing rapidly. Let us help build your brand, product or business as we continue to grow.

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Our show is available on Sticher, iTunes, and Podbean. We typically reach anywhere from 500-2000 downloads per episode dependent on the topic and what is featured. W

We will promote your product, service, or creative project during our podcast which will be featured on the front page of our movie site as well as all our social media channels including Twitter, FB, and Instagram.

All episodes are tweeted numerous times and receive a paid boost on our FB page immediately after publication.

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