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Hosted by Highlanda Sound co-founders Kahlil Wonda and AGARD, Reggae Lover is a podcast that pulls back the curtain on the issues, insights, back-stories, and adventures of the biggest names in reggae. Discussions center around the culture, economics and all things relatable to reggae lovers. Reggae Lover surpasses all expectations for quality and dispels myths about the genre of reggae and the people who avidly consume it. As such, our growing audience is global and consists of a diverse, educated group of internet savvy listeners, many of who are professionals or entrepreneurs.

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Host Name: Kahlil Wonda
Highlanda Sound co-founder Kahlil Wonda hosts and produces the Reggae Lover Podcast. 
With an unwavering respect for and deep knowledge of reggae music, Kahlil Wonda takes it as an art and doesn't intend to deprive anyone of this art form. Since 1999 Highlanda Sound has played reggae music selections and hosted shows at venues all over the USA, the Caribbean, and Japan. Through the Reggae Lover podcast, Highlanda Sound continues on a stated mission to entertain and promote high-quality reggae music worldwide.
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Technology, travel, music, business, Jamaica, music, health, food, Caribbean culture, festivals.
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