Sam Reads Near Death Experiences Podcast
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Sam Reads Near Death Experiences Podcast
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My show explores a question that is at the back of everyone’s mind - what happens after we die? The near death experience is mysterious, ineffable, and life changing. By reading NDE stories, we not only can learn more about death, but also how to live. My podcast has amassed an engaging and thoughtful audience, a majority of which are women in the second half of life. I have had many personal interactions with listeners, and can tell you that they are very open and inquisitive. If you choose to advertise on my podcast, I would love to help you reach potential customers by adding a personal and engaging appeal to my listeners.

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Host Name: Samuel Studer
I am the host and creator of the show. I’ve been told I have a very soothing and comforting voice, and I try to inject some humor every now and then. I am a 27 year old man, I have a degree in anthropology, and I work in the music business with royalties.
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20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Twice a Month
Religion, spirituality, afterlife, consciousness

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