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Saturday Night Live Afterparty
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Saturday Night Live Afterparty is the highest rated SNL podcast on iTunes. The podcast--which includes a rotating roster of guests--takes an affectionate look at each new episode of Saturday Night Live as well as vintage episodes, and discusses the cultural significance and history of television's longest running comedy institution.

The podcast also features interviews with SNL alumni, up-and-coming comedians and top-tier comedy journalists.

As a fairly new podcast, we are experiencing phe
nomenal 22% month-over-month growth in our audience. Prospective advertisers can benefit from exceptional increased long-term exposure as our growing audience discovers past sponsors through our episode back-catalog and website.

Our earliest episodes have seen over 80% growth AFTER their first month of release, within 3 months! Advertisers can quickly achieve almost double the exposure for their money by capitalizing on our amazing growth.

We offer a fantastic promotional bundle for prospective advertisers. Our bundle includes:

- a premium 2-minute live reading of your promotional copy or a free-form ad-lib guided by your talking points. If you provide a sample of your product or service, then we can also offer our own first-hand impressions, and discuss its strengths with authority.

- ad placement within the first half of the show, wedged between our two most popular segments: “musical guest” and “Weekend Update”.

- a thank-you callback during the show's closing remarks.

- a full-width banner advertisement in the feature article at the top of our website homepage, as well as on the episode's permanent article page.

- a link in the episode's embedded show notes.

- a link in our website's permanent Past Sponsors section.

If needed, we can also work with advertisers to produce fantastic promotional copy and banner artwork.

Unlike many podcasts, we know precisely what our audience demographics are, because they necessarily overlap with those of Saturday Night Live. SNL achieves an outstanding rating in the coveted “Males Age 18 to 34” demographic, as well as a very respectable showing amongst females in the same range. As such, our audience is comprised of avid podcast listeners who are not averse to technology or online purchasing; who also skew heavily towards millennials and younger gen-x. And obviously, comedy nerds and geek culture are well represented.

Our show is widely syndicated across all major platforms, and is heavily promoted via Reddit and social media.

We're excited to engage prospective sponsors who offer quality products and services. As a NON-EXPLICIT podcast, we will not engage any sponsor offering adult oriented products or services.

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Saturday Night Live, Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Improv Comedy, Stand-up Comedy, Music, Variety, Celebrity, Culture, Political Satire, Parody.
Predominantly USA. 10% Canada.
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As a fairly new podcast, our audience is growing at a phenomenal rate of 22% month-over-month and we saw over 230% growth in our first 6 months.

Our episodes currently average over 2000 downloads within their first 60 days of release, and an additional 250 downloads within their first 90 days of release.

We're distributing the podcast across all major platforms including iHeartRadio, Stitcher and iTunes/Apple Podcasts. Additionally, we heavily promote each new episode via Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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