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Sips, Suds, and Smokes is a program focused on providing product reviews in an entertaining format.

Our content can help brand awareness for products we review, promotes direct and retail channels, and consumer purchasing decision in a consumption channel such as a bar or restaurant.

Products that are used in conjunction with products reviewed work well. Glassware, storage or transportation items, general merchandise, events and festivals. Multi location retailers. Visitor Bureaus support
ing tourism around products available in their area.

This show is broadcast on Pacifica Radio and PRX. 3 Satellite Networks including Sirius XM CH 123. We have an ever expanding online audience with a regular audience.

Our media kit with full listener metrics is available for your review upon request.

We also have recently released our new "Quick Shots" 20-minute episode format - inquire with AdvertiseCast about opportunities for these as well!

2019 iHeartradio Podcast Award - Best Food Podcast
2019 Taste Media Awards - Best Food or Drink Podcast Finalist

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Weekly on Sun
beer whiskey wine bourbon mead tea coffee gin cigars
North America, English speaking countries
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This show is available on 200 radio stations, mostly AM and small community radio stations. It's on 3 satellite networks including Sirius CH 123 as part of the PRX ReMix. The timeslot and days vary substantially but most stations pick a weekend timeslot for the weekly programs like ours. Our podcast reach is substantial with around 500k on iTunes, 400k on SoundCloud, 150k on YouTube, and around another 150k across Stitcher, TuneIn, and Spreaker. We pickup a secondary distribution online that is difficult to track but our estimates put this at another 250k. We use analytic reporting from Spreaker, Soundcloud, Bluburry, Goggle Analytics, YouTube, and PodTrac.So this is a combination of native stats and 3rd party independent stats. We have no issue in providing post campaign stats against our CPM rates.

We also gather demographics from these sites that can be provided. Our audience is mostly male and 25-45. Our audience does change with the content. Our wine shows pick up much more women than men, our whiskey shows are more male dominated, and our beer shows are the most gender neutral shows. We have both male and female talent on our shows.

Our online social platforms are around the 10k mark on Twitter and Facebook. We use Facebook to promote our content and both broadcast and non-broadcast content. We have a regular daily feed on Twitter providing more comprehensive content with many products that don't make the show itself or early stages of evaluation.

We have two 59 sec spots per episode, the ability to add a 10 sec spot that runs in front of every online play which includes our cast back catalog.

We will do a live read ad.

You ad will stay up for 30 days to get the full online exposure.

Ask for our full media kit and we do respond to custom ad campaign development.

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