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Sleep and Relax ASMR
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Sleep and Relax ASMR is a bi-weekly podcast that creates audio experiences designed to help people unplug from their busy days.

We believe people of all ages across the world look for enjoyable small escapes to help them relax and unwind. We want to be their escape.

The podcast's audience skews heavily towards males, ages 20-45, in North America. The audience also has a substantial following in Europe - about 20% of all listeners.

Unlike other podcasts, the listeners for Sleep and Relax ASMR are actively looking to listen to something to help them unplug from their day. This means they are actively engaged in listening to the show and less likely to listen when distracted. Additionally, the variety of episodes keeps subscribers happy and helps the show appeal to a larger audience.

The podcast evokes a sense of calm, fulfillment and happiness, and we are looking to collaborate with brands that promote those same emotions to lis
teners of the show.

We have a mission: help people unplug and unwind in a chaotic world. Whether it is small or large, we want to make a positive impact to thousands, if not millions, of people around the world.

We look forward to hearing from brands that are well-aligned with the show and we welcome any proposals!
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An absolutely exceptional experience. Not only excellent communication and fast response, but very helpful and supportive on ways to improve the advertising experience for everyone (audience included) as a whole.
Posted 10-03-2017


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The podcast is distributed on the largest podcast platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, etc. A 10-15 second post-roll mention is included in every sponsored episode, in order increase the effectiveness of the ad and provide additional exposure to the sponsoring brand. Each sponsor also is included in the show's newsletter.

Listeners range in age but mostly are males, 20-45 years old, located in North America.
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