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Tailosive Tech (pronounced like "tail" and "explosive") is an up and coming YouTube channel with a cult-like following of over 175,000 subscribers that is famed for being Apple's Defense Lawyer on YouTube. Searching Apple Sheep in Google will result in our channel being the 1st and 2nd hit.

The Podcast is a weekly show that takes what fans love about Tailosive Tech's YouTube Channel and gives them a long-form discussion about their favorite company, Apple, with
their favorite Apple Defense Lawyer, Andrew Erickson.

In just over 15 months, we have established a solid fanbase who look forward to the next episode with eager anticipation. Currently, we have passed a half million total plays from unique users.

We are in a optimal position to beginning promoting other brands to our fanbase. We have achieved a 5 star rating in iTunes from hundreds of our fans. Our fans are dedicated to our brand, and we believe that they will also be dedicated to brands we endorse.

Advertising with the Tailosive Tech Podcast will be a win for your product and company.

Podcast Information

About the Host
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Host Name: Andrew Erickson
22 year old Andrew Erickson is a full-time YouTuber and a successful Entrepreneur. He is most well known for his YouTube Channel Tailosive Tech, where he shares his honest opinions about Apple and other Tech companies.
Average Episode Length
1-1.5 Hours
Weekly on Mon
-Technology -Apple Accessories -Apple Targeted Software -Technology related products or services -Subscription based services -Niche products
This podcast is not GEO specific, but these are the countries where we see the largest percentage of our audience: US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany
Social Media Reach
Description of Reach
The Tailosive Tech Podcast is distributed on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and more. We are proud to say that we have had over a quarter of a million lifetime plays for the show! The highest played show was almost to 15k plays, but they average between 4k and 10k on average.

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