Talkin' Boxing With Billy C
Talkin' Boxing With Billy C
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We broadcasted the daily Talkin' Boxing show for thirteen years, recently revising the format to include other sports, in addition to boxing. Our show is a live 1-2 hour video broadcast weekday mornings and is posted for download as a free podcast and a permanent YouTube video. In fact, we have a combined 578,000 YouTube views of one hour or more! Our new show has only been available on iTunes since March, and as it's promoted, the podcast subscribers will increase exponentially.

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you should choose to sponsor the Billy C Morning Show is that Billy has an extremely loyal fan base. His listeners participate every day through emails and live call-ins. Billy's fans think of him as a friend, and they travel from all over the US to see him at live events. The engaging nature of Billy's approach to broadcasting creates active listeners who are very interested in his opinions and suggestions.

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Bill Calogero has been involved in the pro boxing business for over 25 years as a manager, promoter, advisor, boxing historian, writer, radio host, and boxing personality. Billy has written and published a book about the United State’s First American Heavyweight Champion, Tom Molineaux.
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Our show is streamed live every morning at 8am at and, and every show is available permanently on demand at no charge. Our free podcast is available on all major platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher, etc. All shows are uploaded to our Youtube channel (2,7K subscribers) with an average of 550 views per episode (only views of 59 minutes+ register as a view) during the first 30 days! Every campaign is promoted by banner ad on our website (75K unique hits per month), our Twitter account (6.4K followers), and our Facebook group (2.6K members).

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