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A very comedic podcast that dives deep on video, board, pen and paper and all types of gaming. We have a very close and personal relationship with our audience, speaking with many of them in a one on one live capacity on a daily basis. We've built a very special kind of trust with our fans and are supported by their generous donations. Through survey and other means our listeners have told us they understand that ads are a part of supporting the podcast and would be happy to actively engage with advertising if it meant supporting the podcast.

Our impeccable iTunes reviews speaks to the special friendship we share with our audience - a 4.9 star rating over 460+ reviews!

Any advertising message we deliver won't be glossed over. Our off the cuff and improvisational style turns plain and uninteresting ads that listeners skip through into funny and looked forward to sketches.

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Host Name: Matt Eades
A former radio host and video game designer, Matt has been hosting and producing the Talking Reckless Podcast, along with a rotating cast of six other hosts, for over a decade! He's obsessed with video gaming, table top RPGs, high quality audio, and sticking foam baffling anywhere he possibly can!
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