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The Black Sheep
Comedy, Sexuality

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Talk of Shame is a podcast about what it's like to be young, dumb, and fully embracing who you are. We pride ourselves on being very open and genuine with our listeners and discuss a variety of topics from birth control mishaps to how to be successful as a woman in comedy to a horrifying trip to the gynecologist. Our goal is creating a space people feel comfortable talking freely--while maintaining a focus on entertaining and making people laugh.
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Andrea and Mackenzie both live in Chicago and work for The Black Sheep -- a media/marketing company targeting college students.
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Our show distributes on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and more. With every ad spot ordered, we'll promote you on our Talk of Shame social media channels for no charge. This includes 2 tweets on our twitter account (2700 followers). We also promote our podcast at the end of every article published by The Black Sheep which opens up our audience to new college students every day.

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