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TeacherCast Educational Network
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Welcome to the TeacherCast Eduational Network. Join host Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) and the worlds finest educators and educational technology creators as we discuss the latest in educational tech and pedagogy. Our goal is to help you find and use the right educational technology for your classroom. Subscribe today!

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www.JeffreyBradbury.com ABOUT JEFF BRADBURY Hello, I’m Jeff Bradbury. I am the Coordinator of Technology Integration and Instructional Technology Coach for a New Jersey School District where I have the amazing opportunity to work with almost 3,000 students, teachers, and administrators to help them better integrate technology in their classrooms and studies. Prior to my current position, I was a classroom educator for more than 15 years working with students in grades K-12. In 2011, I created the TeacherCast Educational Network as a vehicle for working with teachers in my school district, and I am very proud of the global impact the blog posts, app reviews, podcasts, and my workshops have had on so many teachers. The TeacherCast Educational Network In 2011, TeacherCast was created as a vehicle to help me curate resources for teachers and students to help them learn how to use educational technology in their classrooms. It started with a concept that eventually grew into a globally recognized brand. I am truly honored and humbled by all of the support the that the educational community has given me, my family, and TeacherCast over the last 7 years.
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The TeacherCast Educational Network is a seven-year-old network of shows created by, and hosted by educator Jeff Bradbury. Our podcasts cover a range of topics from Instructional Technology to STEM Education, and Educational Leadership. For more information, please visit www.TeacherCast.net Each show or guest blog will be promoted on our podcasting partners such as iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and others as well as on our social media channels and weekly newsletter. Often, we invite our sponsors to come on the podcast and be guests as well as offer the opportunity for guest posting on our educational blog.

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