Terror En Los Bordes (Spanish)
Terror en los bordes
Terror En Los Bordes (Spanish)
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My name is Maritza Caldas, I am a US citizen and live in the US. I have a niche in Europe, specifically Spain where about 73% of my listeners are. The rest are global the US is included but the numbers are not big.

As I am writing this I have 60300K downloads and I have been podcasting for 4 months. I uploaded my podcasts to Ivoox the biggest platform in Spain with great results as you can see.

My audience grows exponentially. I am sure that by the end of the year I will have 100K
unique downloads.
My podcast is about true crime, horror stories and legends, all narrated by me uploaded on Wednesdays once a week. I have over 22 shows now.

Each show is about 20 to 25 min. I have set up a pre-roll and a post-roll where I ask people to go to Patreon for support, yet nothing has happened. My podcast is hosted by WP where my site is. I also have offers for support for memberships.

I would like to monetize my podcast, it has momentum, it is narrated in Spanish, by a woman over 50, and it is about crime and horror so it is a niche market as I see it. And international company can have a mid-roll or pre-roll , or a solely based European company.
My question is can you help me monetize it?

Thanks for your time

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About the Host
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Host Name: Maritza Caldas
I am a Spanish woman just turned 61, and where else would I live but in Florida! I am here because I have family. I was born in NYC but studied abroad so I am fluent in both languages. Bachelors in Art and Literature. Always been a fan of horror, mainly because I have a very interesting family that have been in a few inexplicable situations. So my love for these stories and legends came from my grandmother's family. As US children are put to bed with lovely fantasy stories of rainbows and unicorns. I was put to sleep with stories of hauntings, terror and old myths/legends. I am dedicated to what I do because I want to preserve these stories, but I am also interested in true crime, serial killers that are from other parts of the world. Hence the name Terror en los bordes, finding horror outside our borders!
Average Episode Length
20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Weekly on Wed
True crime, mystery, unsolved cases, serial killers, legends and horror stories. My audience is a mix of men and women, I think women more, but Do not know for certain, I only know that they are intelligent, curious a mix of ages because they are listening to my podcast.
Spain, Europe, Mexico,
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Terror En Los Bordes (Spanish)
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