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That Business Show is a business variety show that aims to inspire entrepreneurship and leadership through the stories and successes of others and is a show with a positive message that highlights what is right within our community. The show gives business and community leaders regular on air programming with ample time to share their message, product, or service and offers an alternative for listeners to the political, news and sports talk that dominates the airwaves.

Who Is Our Target Demographic?
That Business Show is a morning drive radio show based on traditional AM radio on 1250 WHNZ. Demographics for 1250WHNZ targets 45+ and has a median listening age of 53. Average household income of the listenership is over $75,000 annually and is 49% men and 51% women.

That Business Show targets the Tampa Bay business owner and has content and programs that range in topics to suit listeners of all age groups. Based on social media engagement, the aud
ience is estimated to be approximately 60% women and 40% men. The show's range of guests gives it a natural growth factor as each show highlights new entrepreneurs, thus exposing the show to their network of influence. That Business Show has relationships and regular segments with the Working Women of Tampa Bay, The University of Tampa Entrepreneurship Center, The Tampa Bay Business Owners, The Entrepreneurship Collaboration Center, Key Person of Influence, Tampa Bay Wave, Hillsborough Community College Entrepreneurship Department and many, many individual entrepreneurs and community leaders!

How Will I Benefit If I Become A Sponsor?
That Business Show works in partnership with Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO), an 8 year old Tampa based business owner organization. The organization has nearly 300 members and many monthly events ranging from educational to social designed to help business owners grow and diversify their business.

By becoming a Regular or Expert Sponsor, not only do you expose your message, product or service to our vast listenership over the airwaves, we expose and introduce you to the Tampa Bay Business Owners. Sponsors receive membership for 2 in the organization with enhanced benefits over base membership. Specifics of this are found on the TBBO & Expert Sponsor Page. In addition, The Tampa Bay Business Owners has 3 signature events each year with attendance that ranges from 500 to 600 people. Sponsors get first choice for booth placement at these events. Where else can you get in front of 500+ people on a regular basis to showcase your product with the opportunity to promote it ahead of time through regular on air appearances on the radio?

Okay I get it, but I need more, how else can I benefit from Sponsorship?
Being a radio show contributor is sort of like writing a book, it gives you the differentiation/credibility factor that many consumers are looking for in a service or product. When you are competing for business, if you can add that you are a "Regular" or "Expert Contributor" to a radio show, that may be the difference that wins you the business over your competition. Even if the client never listens to you on air, just knowing you are a a Contributor to a regular radio show will give the consumer the assurance they need to hire you over your competition.

In studio relationships become tremendous growth opportunities. By appearing regularly in studio, you will meet many other guests. These close, personal meetings have resulted in lots of business exchanges at our shows. The guests chat for 20 to 30 minutes in a close, personal setting and oftentimes follow up with business together. By becoming a Sponsor, you will have many of these meetings, and can request in studio interviews with other business leaders. To clarify, if you want to meet Attorney John Doe, request that That Business Show interviews him and that you, the sponsor, appear the same day on the program, an easy, excellent way to meet other community leaders! Very few people turn down requests for free interviews to talk about themselves and their businesses, after all, what is everyone's favorite topic to discuss? Themselves!

Through regular on air appearances, you will build up a collection of media content. You will have both audio and video files of the appearance as well as many in studio photographs. Use the media on your website to enhance SEO and build credibility as the Expert Contributor we portray you as on the program!
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Description of Reach
That Business Show is based on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ, an AM station that is owned by iHeart Media Communications. It airs live weekday mornings from 7am to 9am and is video streamed online live each morning. It is hosted by Jamie Meloni, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker and Owner of the business owner network Tampa Bay Business Owners, and Kelly Wilson, Owner & Founder of the EDGE Business Community and EDGE Business Magazine. The show first aired on February 2nd, 2015 and developed from Jamie’s show The Jamie Meloni Real Estate Show which first aired in September 2013 and was a weekly show.
The show’s reach begins with our local market, Tampa Bay, Florida. The show highlights business and community leaders each morning via live interviews that focus on their successes. The show works to inspire others to step outside of the box and discover the entrepreneur inside them through hearing the trials and tribulations of others in the community. We interview entrepreneurs and leaders in all areas of development too so the show will appeal to people in all areas of entrepreneurial development from idea to tremendous success. The listenership on the live airwaves each morning is estimated to be 2,000 to 3,000. This market is the “morning drive” market in Tampa Bay and demographics for 1250WHNZ targets people 45+ and has a median listening age of 53. Average household income of the listenership is over $75,000 annually and is 49% men and 51% women.
Our partnership with iHeart Media Communications also extends to commercials that air both on 1250WHNZ as well as 970WFLA. The show and partners are promoted via these commercials.
The reach is further enhanced through our use of live video streaming. Each show is streamed live online at TampaBayRadio.Com as well as WeBeamTv.Com where we are that channels morning show. Viewership numbers are trackable and a monthly report is received that shows us the viewership which includes total number of viewers as well as time spent viewing. The show started with a base of 7,000 viewers for the month of February 2015 and today is averaging 60,000 to 70,000 viewers per month. This adds another 2,000 to 3,000 viewers per show conservatively estimating and depending on guest.
Post show production includes placement on the following sites for the audio. As of December 5th, we began posting audio by the guest segment. Prior to that, the shows were posted by the hour and included typically 2 guests per show. We felt by making this move that we would pick up more listeners and downloads through more defined show titles as well as producing more episodes for review.
All of these sites pull from our RSS feed which is found at with download stats that are trackable through Libsyn.Com. We recently added Libsyn to our show plan as of November 2016 and past data is not available on downloads on these sites.
iTunes -
TuneIn -
Stitcher -
GooglePlay -
Player.FM -
Blubrry -
SoundCloud -
ThatBusinessShow -
Post show production includes placement on the following sites for the video. The videos are uploaded by the hour still.
YouTube (in High Definition) – where we currently have 170 subscribers and nearly 30,000 views.
TampaBayRadio.Com – all shows are uploaded to our primary website in the show info section by month. Data on viewership at this location is not easily trackable because it is hosted on our local server.
Post show production continues with a blog that is written after each episode. The blog is located at Starting December 5th, a blog is written per guest / segment on the program. Prior to that, one blog entry was written per show which talked about all the guests in that one blog. Currently the blog has 26 followers and just under 10,000 views all time. The blog is not heavily promoted at this time and is used primarily for the show descriptions on Social Media sites. This works to effectively “transcribe” the show so that search engines can better pick up the episodes via SEO.
Post show production continues with placement of our guest’s show cards with bio on our primary website at All past guests can be found here and by clicking on their showcards, you are taken to another page with an embedded copy of their interviews on YouTube along with a copy of the blog. This feature enables the hosts to easily search prior guests and make key connections for them inside the community anywhere they are!
2015 Guests -
2016 Guests -
We have an extensive social media campaign that goes along with each show. Our sites are found below:
• Twitter -
o 1800 followers as of December 2016
• Facebook – Show Page -
o 4500 likes as of December 2016
• Facebook Group Page -
o New group formed in December 2016 with 354 members as of then
• Facebook – Personal Page - &
o Jamie has nearly 2200 friends
o Kelly has nearly 2700 friends
• Facebook Page for Business Network Tampa Bay Business Owners (TBBO) -
o Nearly 13,000 likes as of December 2016
• LinkedIn - &
o Jamie has nearly 4,400 connections as of December 2016
o Kelly has nearly 10,000 connections as of December 2016
• Google Plus -
o 76 followers as of December 2016, not heavily promoted
• YouTube -
o 170 subscribers and nearly 30,000 views as of December 2016

Each show has an assistant that handles social media posting live during the show. These include short video clips that are posted on our Facebook Fan Page as well as Facebook Live. Short video clips work to increase the audience who are willing to click on a sample clip versus listening to an entire episode. These short clips easily add 500 to 1,000 views to a segment with some adding up to 10,000 depending on engagement and guest!
We also engage our guests via live tweeting, and Facebook tags which encourages our guests to share amongst their sphere of influence.
The show has a built in audience development tool which is the guest network. We consistently bring in new guests and through the use of show cards, in addition to the audio/video content, encourage the guests to share them amongst their friends and family. This helps spread the message about the show too. Guests love the show cards that we produce for them and they are high quality, professional announcements that have their photo, logo, and contact information on them for ease of use.
We have a dedicated show photographer too that provides professional in studio photography to each guest. The show photos are actively shared across social media too and again add to social media impact that the show has. Our show photographer is Rick Tauceda at
The reach of the show is also enhanced by our business network, Tampa Bay Business Owners. TBBO is an eight year old business owner network that meets regularly to focus on educational and collaborative events for business owners. Jamie is a partner inside the organization and we regularly highlight the members through free appearances on the program. Other guests are charged for appearances. TBBO has been a recognized business brand in the Tampa Bay community for nearly 9 years now. More can be learned about TBBO at
In summary, through the use of these different channels which include radio, video, social media, networking, photography and radio commercials, That Business Show reaches easily 100,000 weekly!!
Small business ownership
Tampa Bay, Florida but worldwide via podcasting

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