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Our show is centered around the idea of an advice podcast, but the advice given is not supposed to really be actual good advice. Through hyperbole and jokes, we attempt to entertain our audience. We will be recording advertisements in the middle of the show, giving a break in between. We will help promote your products by talking about them in a humorous and informative way, so as to get your business in the heads of our listeners without being dry and dull. As we are a new podcast, we are still looking to gain our audience, but due to consistent social media sharing, the show gets around quickly

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Posted 02-09-2018


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Our show doesnt just publish to SoundCloud and Itunes, but it is also published on The Odyssey Publication website, as well as shared on our individual media accounts. For every ad spot ordered, you will get an additional promotion placed on the Odyssey website, as well as being included in the episode description.
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