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That's Gold! with Steve Hytner is more than a podcast - it's an event!

It's a daily, downloadable, 45-minute "party" featuring a rotating cast of sports-betting experts, entertainers, sports personalities, Vegas show veterans and fascinating, everyday people. Each have a common theme. They share their humor, humanity, stories and useful information that enhance a listener's day.

Since we’re all sports fans, That’s Gold! with Steve Hytner focuses on sports betting – which has now spread beyond Nevada and New Jersey – with many, many states soon to join them. The podcast also covers everything men find captivating: food, wine, music, craft whiskey, microbrews, movies, travel, pop culture, our very bumpy lives, our guests’ bumpy lives and anything fascinating that surfaces on a given day.

NOTE - That's Gold with Steve Hytner is Launching August 14th (reach is projected but is Guaranteed by additional episodes if required)
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Steve Hytner and Rich Johnson That’s Gold! with Steve Hytner is named for the most famous line uttered in the 30-year acting and comedy career of the podcast’s host, Steve Hytner. After Steve’s “Seinfeld” character Kenny Bania and the NBC show left the air, episodes have relentlessly run hourly some place on the planet. Steve, still a favorite on the North American stand-up comedy circuit, has appeared in dozens of movies and hundreds of TV episodes. Steve’s sidekick, Rich Johnson, is a 40-year radio veteran who’s done nearly every job in network and local radio news. From Fox News Radio to WTOP in Washington DC, Rich has covered The White House, more than a dozen Super Bowls and countless hurricanes, disasters, political campaigns and state fairs.
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Men (especially men with extra money for leisure...)

A five-day-a-week, 45-minute per episode podcast, That’s Gold! with Steve Hytner targets American men – especially males aged 35-55. The podcast speaks to men who want to have all the fun they can while they have the money and time to do so.
Food, wine, music, craft whiskey, microbrews, movies, travel, pop culture, comedy, seinfeld

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