The Afternoons with Josh & Ken
The Afternoons with Josh & Ken
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Come spend your afternoons with Josh Macuga and Ken Napzok as they cover the news of the week, sports memories, the latest in pop culture, and help you get through life itself. Josh and Ken are popular hosts, pundits, and personalities in the digital media world with followings from ScreenJunkies, Collider Video, Collider Sports, Schmoes Know, and WGN America. Their engaging style pulls listeners into their daily lives and sets them up as trusted influencers.

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Host Name: Josh Macuga and Ken Napzok
Josh Macuga is a host, comedian and a man with many opinions... most of which are silly, yet passionate. He's hosted everything from his own talk show, LIVE daily digital shows, weekly movie nights on WGN America and his own show on Travel Channel. Josh, Macoogs, Coogs, etc., loves talking about all things pop culture, TV/Movies, Will Smith's career and why his memes on Instagram could use some work. His self-described style is intelligent irreverence with a little bit of childish charm and like George Costanza once said, "Yes. I want everyone to like me. Is that so wrong?!" He may not be able to figure out how build a community on Mars, but he'd sure like to talk about just how cool the local bar would be! Ken Napzok is a broadcaster, producer, and writer who spends way too much time eating dinner at 7-Eleven. He began his career in radio and has performed sketch comedy at the Groundlings, stand-up comedy on historic Los Angeles stages, and logged time in the wild world of professional wrestling. While producing and hosting with top new media brands ScreenJunkies, Collider Video and Schmoes Know, Ken carved out a niche has a sardonic and comedic voice in the world of movie news.. A Star Wars and Game of Thrones expert, Ken has hosted shows like Watching Thrones, Daily Thrones, Collider Jedi Council and is the co-creator of the Star Wars-centric podcast feed ForceCenter. His Star Wars toy collection will one day come alive and hold him hostage.
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