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The Broadswords is an all women actual play Dungeon and Dragons podcast focused on story, narrative, and inclusivity at the gaming table.


Nerdy Millennials. Our target audience member is inclusive and loves to be involved in fandoms. They make fanart, fan fiction, cosplay, and just want to enjoy the characters and stories we, and others, create. Supporting creators is important to them.


Avg: 650 per episode per month.

This is rising and will continue to r
ise due to hooking up with Wizards of the Coast (a subsidiary of Hasbro) for the Podcasts of Foes event: and a soon to be announced event.

Victoria Rogers, the creator/producer/editor of The Broadswords, worked with Wizards of the Coast and organized the event. She is sitting on various panels at GenCon 2018 alongside the folks from Godsfall, The RPG Academy, The Dungeon Rats, and Travis McElroy. She will have a small role during one of the Hello From the Magic Tavern live shows.

Polygon has also covered the Podcasts of Foes event, where The Broadswords is mentioned:


We are offering ad slots at the end of our episodes before a short blooper reel. We have put the blooper reel at the very end so that people listen to the ads.

We are open to other possible slots, but we would like to discuss that first.

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We host on PodBean.
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Gaming, audio drama, role playing, table top games, nerd culture, diversity, inclusivity
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We distribute on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, Spotify and PodBean. We will ad your name to the show notes.

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