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A Podcast Empowering Women in Business! We have over 50 episodes! Your advertising will be part of each one!

Listen to The Chick in Charge Podcast and learn how to embrace your unique leadership potential, and see how A Chick in Charge can help you blaze a path to the top of the corporate ladder.


The Chick in Charge Podcast explores female leadership and female empowerment from all angles. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner
, an innovator, or part of a large corporate team, The Chick in Charge has tips, pointers and examples of real women that will empower you!

The Podcast

Mary Parker, Host of The Chick in Charge Podcast reveals how real women face today's rapidly changing business culture. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies that target women consumers see their likelihood of success increase by 144 percent when women take an active role.

A Chick in Charge is continually and uniquely qualified for piloting her companies’ workforces and strategies. Subscribe to the podcast and get first hand information on how YOU - The Chick in Charge - can rise through the ranks and break down barriers.

Listen to The Chick in Charge Podcast for motivating conversations FROM women and FOR women in the world of work.

DOWNLOADS - We average 5,000 downloads per podcast - and currently we have 50 plus podcasts produced.
AUDIENCE - College Educated - 25-55 in age - majority female audience of working women who make the decisions about the money spent
in their households!
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About the Host
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Host Name: Mary H. Parker
Mary Parker is the Founder & CEO of ALL N ONE Security, a full-service 5-star security company. Founded in 2001, ALL N ONE Security became, for Mary Parker, as well as the Atlanta community, a groundbreaking company that proved instrumental in the growth of its home city. As the hub for Atlanta’s crown jewel, Delta Airlines, ALL N ONE Security defined the Atlanta frequent flyer landscape with easy, peopled parking, quickly moving security lines – even after the seismic shift in airline travel caused by the terrorist events of 911 – and a luxury driven retail space that ensured the reputation of the city as a moving, growing, and most importantly, prosperous, mecca. Understanding the integral web of relationships, contract negotiation, and word of mouth, Parker secured client after client on the wave of ALL N ONE’s tight performing, agile and elastic airport business model. Under Parker’s leadership, which she points to as an “always changing and always learning” model, ALL N ONE Security’s 300+ team has secured major events such as the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, PGA Tour, The Trumpet Awards – as well as the historic commencement speech given by President Barack Obama at Morehouse College in 2013. An author, Parker recently penned her autobiography entitled, “The Chick in Charge.” Friend and fan, Blair Underwood Says, “This book is a testimonial to Mary’s walk of faith, courage, strength, wisdom and understanding.” Ingrid Saunders Jones, Chair of the National Council of Negro Women states, “In both her personal and professional life, Mary Parker has been ‘persistently’ strategic, focused, and courageous.” Mary lives in Atlanta, GA, and works with her brother Rick Robinson, President of ALLN1 Security and her sister, Bobbie Powell who acts as her Chief of Staff and her right hand. She has a daughter, an author in her own right – Chana Kurtz, and 3 grandchildren, Amber, Essence and Jada. She is also an ordained minister.
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