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The Conservative Cartel was born when two of the best podcasters in the country decided to team up and vent their frustrations about the 2015 Omnibus Bill passed by the US Congress. Matt Locke and Gavin Mitchell felt the left was out for themselves and the right sold us out. Leadership let down the American people, and the people needed to know.

Since then, Matt and Gavin have appeared on each other's shows many times and in the summer of 2016 they decided to do it every week.

Tune in to hear two of the up-and-coming conservative talk show hosts, Matt Locke and Gavin Mitchell, as they sit down and fire up their pics three times a week, for off the cuff, no notes, no script breakdown of everything that is relevant. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes they loose their cool, and sometimes it's down right funny, but no matter what it is informed discussion by two patriots!

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Our Show airs M-W-F at 8 pm EST on The Red Nation Rising Radio Network, High Plains Talk Radio and The Streaming Talk Radio. It also airs on Saturdays on News Talk 1190 WOWO out of Fort Wayne Indiana and on Sundays on News Talk 95.3 out of South Bend Indiana. We can promote any company on air and with social media. Our Twitter accounts are 50,000 followers strong and our Facebook reach is 110,000 followers. We are currently building our YouTube brand and other avenues.
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