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The JOY of LIVING broadcast is a deep dive into the realms of JOY,HAPPINESS, PEACE and LOVE, which are the makeup of everyone's spiritual DNA. You’ll benefit directly by learning practical application activities that enhance your appreciation of life. Topics include the acclaimed DEAR™ Program, “What Would You do with a Billion,” “The First 180 Seconds,” “Ham n Eggs,” and the famous “Four Ps.” I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed!

I have an interesting story that has b
rought me to this point in my life and it’s what drives me every day to make a difference.

I’ve been a successful serial entrepreneur and during my time on this wonderful planet, I’ve been involved in ventures that netted me millions of dollars. From wholesaling large diamonds, to building one of the first fax-to-email platforms that allowed people to send messages for free, and to patenting and selling unique products. I’ve done these things always with the mindset and spirit of a collaborative capitalist; working together with others to achieve mutual goals.

I was living the life many only dreamed of and then one day everything changed.

On September 17, 2004, I woke up happy and healthy. By the end of the day I was lying in a hospital bed, a quadriplegic paralyzed from my neck down and could only move my head. I had contracted Guillaine-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves.

It took over a year to regain my ability to move my arms and legs, and much longer to gain back my motor skills and be able to walk. It was during this time of recovery that caused me to GO MAD: Go Make A Difference! I knew that I was lucky and every day I’m thankful for all I have!
Our Mission is now to GIVE One Billion Dollars to Causes without costing anyone a penny. We are revolutionizing the Giving Space with our unique approach.

I want to share the JOY I experience and invite people to come along with me in my journey.

I broadcast on Variety Channel with an available audience of over 4 million.
I interview Celebrities and Highly Successful people such as Bernie Siegel, MD (voted one of the 20 most influential people on the planet , Shaun Tomson (one of the world's greatest surfers),Michael Gelb (world's leading teacher of creativity), Greg Reid (Napoleon Hill Foundation), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup Books), Milana Vayntrub, (the ATT girl) ,Sharon Lechter (Head of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Women's Business Forum), Wendy Lipton-Dibner,(Best Selling Author and Women's Business Champion), Frank Shankwitz (Founder of MakeAWish Foundation), Rachel McCord (Hollywood A List Model), Berny and September Doorman (Founders of CEO Space), and Raj Sisodia (CoFounder of Conscious Capitalism)...and MORE!
I am an Amazon Best Seller Author with The MAGIC of Everyday Giving.
I am the Founder of the worldwide movement to distribute KEEP SMILING Cards. More than 1.2 Million given for FREE thus far.
i swim 2 miles/day and 6X/week and have amassed enough miles to swim from venice beach, CA to Shanghai China.
I broadcast one weekly show and am booked almost a year in advance.
and i broadcast a 2 minute Moment of Love podcast to over 8,000 people 5x/week.

People listen to what barry shore says because they TRUST me.

However you choose to find joy, I welcome you!

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Host Name: Barry Shore
The Ambassador of JOY is a Dynamo of enthusiasm, exuberance, and energy. Barry embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, having built and sold a number of businesses for large sums. He has been issued 3 patents. He has authored books, the most current of which is an Amazon best seller and is helping reshape the GIVING Space by enabling people to Donate to their favorite Cause at NO COST. and his Goal is to raise One BILLION Dollars without costing any Giver a penny.. And his ebook is available as a FREE Download on his site! Barry demonstrates by his purposeful prayerful perseverance that there are No Limits. He now swims 2 miles/day 6x/week and has amassed more than 7,000 miles in 11 years, while recovering form total body paralysis. He is the founder of the KEEP SMILING Movement which distributes KEEP SMILING Cards in 27 languages throughout the world, for FREE. When Barry believes in a product or service he urges people to try and use. And people Trust him.
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Weekly on Tue
EVERYONE is Interested in bettering themselves. Through his use of acronyms (WWW=Whata Wonderful World), his enthusiasm for LIFE, and his books and articles filled with Practical Advice and Strategies to be the BEST YOU can BE, Barry utilizes his RadioShow/Podcast to Promote JOY. For Everyone. Everywhere. The benefit of this HOLISTIC Approach is that people CARE about: Business/Money, Technology, Travel, Medicine/Healing, Music, Humor, Success, Sleeping Better, Exercising/Eating Better, LIVING Better.....which includes most everything that helps the YOU. as Barry Notes during The JOY of lIVUING show: it only exists for YOU!
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