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Welcome to the place where nothing is safe as Marco and M-Eezi cover topics of their choosing. They share their unique perspectives while cross referencing geek, pop, and street culture - with a dash of sports and social trends. At moments they'll make you laugh, and moments of deep thoughts, but overall they're just being two un-average average dudes spreading the message of self love and acceptance.

We are a growing show, and we are continuing to find ways to keep our content fresh and discuss topics passionately that will resonate with our audience.

We're looking for a business is that is passionate about their products and services as we are with creating content. We'll offer preroll, midroll, and ending rolls. If there's room for creativity we can collab on making a skit for certain ads.
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Even though we don't have a large following on social media. We are willing to post/tweet to our followers in our respective social media outlets. We are on most major podcast platforms, and our audience is continuing to grow.
hip hop music, fitness, hiking, technology, movies, comics, video games, vegan products, health, reading, travel, comedy, yoga, sports, dating
Our audience is world wide, but we're based out of San Diego, CA.

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