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Stand-up comedian Billy Procida talks to women he's hooked up with about sex, dating, and why they didn't work out. Think High Fidelity: The Podcast. He also talks to various sex educators, porn stars, sex workers, dating experts, and queer performers. The Washington Post covered The Manwhore Podcast in a full-length interview! ( Esquire listed us as a Top 10 Sex Podcast for 2017. Uproxx listed us as a Top 10 Sex Podcast for 2018! Also been featured on,, and Vice!

Notable special guests include Nina Hartley, Bianca Del Rio, Buck Angel, & Andrew Schulz (MTV's Guy Code)!

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Billy Procida is a stand-up comedian in New York City and host of The Manwhore Podcast. The Ethical Fuckboi also tells jokes all over about his alternative sex life, gambling issues, and dieting woes. He continues to wait for Oprah to make him a Weight Watchers ambassador.
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Obviously a sex podcast enjoys the finer sides of dating and sexuality. Advertisers who can cater to listeners' love lives in or outside of the bedroom are great! However, sex toy companies aren't the only advertisers encouraged to buy ad spots. I have a financially active fan base who have donated thousands of dollars directly to the podcast. So they aren't shy about their dollars if they think it's worth their while. And if I say they should support a business, they'll trust me. Whether you sell a bedsheets subscription service or the latest all-vegan strawberry-scented razor blades, becoming an intimate part of their listening experience will make you a part of their shopping experience, too!
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