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Our podcast is a film and television podcast where we discuss the latest film and television news, as well as review them. We take a laid back approach to our style of discussion and have fun while doing so. We have a passionate fan base that we interact with across all forms of social media about the latest movies and television shows among other things. We upload on itunes (where our podcast and episodes have been listed in the top charts) in the tv/film category), soundcloud, spotify and youtube where we have over 250,000 subscribers and 48,000,000 total views

Our youtube channel consists of our podcasts and other short videos where our animated hosts talk about the latest in film and tv. The animation allows us to be creative in our presentation of our content and is unique to other channels which is perfect for people looking to consume movie and tv based content in a way that is different from any other channel.

We will help promote any business that wants to advertise on our podcast by incorporating ads in a clever and intriguing way, like we do with our content. We have built a great connection with our listener base over the years and they will know that whichever business we decide to let advertise with us, is one that we find to be a great fit and something, not only we think is beneficial but that they would too.

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About the Host
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Host Name: Beau Oliver
Beau is an intelligent, charismatic host with fantastic speaking voice that is very easy to listen to. His knowledge of the subject matter we discuss, as well as his comedic touches, make him a fan favorite and a great host. He also does a great job driving the podcast and getting the best out of his co hosts.
Average Episode Length
1-1.5 Hours
Weekly on Fri

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