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The New Books Network ("NBN") is a consortium 81 of author-interview, subject-specific podcasts ("channels"). We publish 100 episodes a month, have an archive of over 5,000 shows, and we serve (that is, our listeners download) 15,000 episodes a day across all channels. We can easily include ads on any or all of those 30,000 daily downloads for any period of time. Our audience is educated, wealthy people, most with higher degrees.
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Host Name: Marshall Poe
The New Books Network is a consortium of 81 author-interview podcasts. We publish 5 new episodes every weekday and reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.
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Each of our 81 channels has its own iTunes feed and RSS. Each of our channels also has its own Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Google + page. We publicize every episode on these channels.

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