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I have recently returned to Starpoint Radio, one of the UK's longest running soul and dance music radio stations. Broadcasts in major cities on DAB and online at

Mixed male and female audience. My audience is primarily aged 30-55 with listeners in mainly the UK and the USA.

Audience is one with high aspirations with disposable incomes and who love to travel. Many attend music festivals all over the world, mostly Europe and the United States.

Music - soulful dance music, soul and jazz-funk,.
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After a successful re-laucn of the show on, we have now moved to a larger platform with Starpoint Radio. In fact, it is a return to Starpooint Radio where the show first aired 10+ years ago.

Starpoint reaches audiences via DAB, (some) local FM and online at

Shows are also posted on Podomatic, Hearthis, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

The show is able to tap in to my own listeners as well as those who are loyal to Starpoint Radio, who have been broadcasting for over 30 years.

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