The Pilsner Podcast
The Pilsner Podcast
Sports, Comedy

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We are a young podcast that is growing its audience week by week. We are primarily a sports talk, comedy, and beer show. The shows two main hosts sample and review a different beer every week. There are a number of regular guests on the show that are also sharing links to the show that are helping growth. Our audience is very dedicated. They interact with official podcast social media accounts with reactions to things said on the show. They also contribute content we use on the show.

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We are a weekly show with four hosts that covers what's happening in the world of craft beer, sports (mostly NFL), and comedy. We're big gamblers and have weekly bets that result in embarrassing punishments to the loser, there's nothing to gain by winning. The show is gaining listeners every week as we have taken out advertising in our home area via flyers, sticker placement, and even a billboard! We take your ads seriously and will accommodate pretty much anything you have in mind.
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Over 1.5 Hours
Weekly on Wed
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Our show distributes on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and more. With every ad spot we will promote your product on social media at least once a day per week per ad ordered for no extra charge.

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What a great enthusiastic promo. I'd have this guy on my podcast any day.
Posted 01-27-2018
Great guys to work with. Would recommend!
Posted 07-26-2018