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The PolicyViz Podcast

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The PolicyViz Podcast focuses on issues around data, data visualization, open data, and how organizations use data. Guests have included Alberto Cairo, Nigel Holmes, and Edward Tufte. Episodes are about 20-25 minutes and are currently released every Tuesday morning (EST). I try to keep the episodes short and my guests are a mix between the most well-known people in the field, and those who are less well known but doing great work.

The majority of listeners are based in the US, and just over
half listen on their mobile devices. The audience is very well targeted to people in the data and data visualization communities. Several education, data, and software companies have already sponsored the show: Tableau, Socrata, SAS, Juice Analytics, Georgetown University, and the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The show has received favorable reviews from multiple source. The popular data visualization website (28k Twitter followers) has listed it as one of the significant visualization developments of 2016
( and the chief data evangelist at Tableau named it one of the top 6 data podcasts to listen to (

Personally, I have a background in economics (Phd, Syracuse University) and worked for the federal government for 9 years before moving to a nonprofit research institution. Thus, as host, I sometimes mix the topics of data and data visualization with policy-relevant discussions about technology and government. My book, "Better Presentations: A Guide for Scholars, Researchers, and Wonks," will be published this fall, so I am already adding a few people focusing on presentation skills and design.

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My audience is primarily interested in all things data: big data, open data, data visualization, and data journalism. They are interested in learning about the best ways to communicate their data and the tools, platforms, and technologies that will help them do so.
Primarily the United States and United Kingdom
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My show distributes on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. With every ad spot ordered, I promote you on the show's website and on the show's audio. Sponsor packages also includes a direct "thank you" tweet (more than 4,500 followers on Twitter) and on LinkedIn. The audience of this show is well-targeted to a younger audience working with data, data visualization, and data science. The show was currently nominated for "Best DataViz Website" form the 2016 KANTAR Information is Beautiful Awards (

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