The Politically Incorrect Podcast
The Politically Incorrect Podcast
News & Politics, Comedy

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The Politically Incorrect Podcast is aimed at an audience that is PROGRESSIVE in nature and has very little support for President Donald Trump or the CONSERVATIVE wing of the Republican Party. Being based in Washington, DC we have access some of the top names in the PROGRESSIVE movement.

While the issues of the day are indeed at times dire we try to inject a bit of humor into the podcast. We take issues on and we take them seriously, we just don't take ourselves too seriously.

The show is
hosted by Jim Williams a seven-time Emmy Award-winning television producer, director, writer and executive with over 40 years experience in covering politics. His co-host Vic DiMaio is a veteran political campaign manager and strategist.

Between the two they have the insight and the access to the key players in politics and those who cover them.

They both have weekly columns and radio outlets to help promote the podcast. The reach of their columns, as well as their radio appearances, will help get the word out to their many followers, Plus all of their guests will use their social media to promote their appearances on the podcast.

Podcast Information

Weekly on Wed
People who want to hear politics talked about from a PROGRESSIVE point of view, An in-depth look at the issues of the day with some of the top names in the political business. Also, a podcast where things are civil and fun.
Washington, DC
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We are proud that The Politically Incorrect Podcast with Jim Williams and Vic DiMaio, is distributed on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Blog Talk Radio, and more. With every ad spot ordered, we’ll promote you on our extra social media channels for no charge. This includes 2 tweets on our Twitter account ( 44,400 followers), 1 post on our FB Page (8,000 followers), and mentioned in our weekly columns read by over 200,000 readers.

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