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The Rock N Roll Archaeology Project is an episodic series, that is evergreen content with the highest quality production value available in today's podcasting industry. It is an excavation and exploration of Rock N Roll. It starts by asking: how does Rock N Roll affect the larger society, and how does the larger society affect Rock N Roll? The frame for our discussion: the years 1945 to 1995. The main series is out once a month, while other podcasts in the project label including the rock n roll librarian and Vinyl Grooves bring the frequency from 4-6x per month. We have grown a very passionate and engaged based of fellow music fans aka Diggers in just 5 months. We are set to go into phase 2 of growing and working with the right sponsors. The show is also streamed weekly on a popular online radio station with 83,000 listeners in March 2016 alone. The show and it's creator and host are currently being featured in a 3 part series in a popular NYC arts blog, Crazytown. Sponsor us now, while you can!
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