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I’m Tom and welcome to The Roundabout Crew. I’m an Australian comedy influencer, comedian and actor that ultimately strives to put a smile on peoples faces. The Roundabout Crew is a channel that focuses on Australian humour , comedy skits, reaction and commentary videos.

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Host Name: Tom Armstrong
Give Way Video Production and Advertising Agency is owned by Tom Armstrong. Tom has a Bachelor of Communication in Video Production, he graduated from the University of Canberra in 2012 and is a Multi-skilled Producer who writes, creates, performs, edits and manages his own work in the online comedy video and podcast space. Tom is an accomplished Writer/Creator in Sydney and developed the online channel ‘The Roundabout Crew’ which has grown a large online following of 300,000+ and received over 16 million views, 80% of which were Australian with the highest audience residing in Sydney. Tom was a co-producer in the first round of ABC's Fresh Blood initiative and also co-wrote, co- directed and co-starred in a Screen Australia/Google funded web series The Australiana Hostel. Last year, Tom graduated from the Screen Actors Studio at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and also recently returned from studying improv comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. Tom has also worked professionally as a Digital Video Producer for The Kyle and Jackie O show, Home and Away and I was a contributing writer for the sketch comedy series Kinne Tonight. Tom’s video production clients include; · 20th Century Fox · The Australian Government · Microsoft · Village Roadshow · Koala
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