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Each week, TV personality, syndicated newspaper consumer columnist, and stage improv comedian Josh Elledge, Chief Executive Angel of shares how to save money, make more money, and live a more abundant life. Listen for deals, freebies, coupons and other money-saving tools. Learn how to save money at the grocery store without extreme couponing. Learn how to earn more money with abundance mindset and some great ideas for starting your own business and working on the side. Need shopping recommendations and product reviews? This is the right place.

I regularly discuss product reviews, travel savings, energy savings, holiday black Friday Christmas shopping secrets, how to save money with your car, internet shopping savings, family savings with kids, how to be more productive, how to have less stress, and get organized. You’ll also learn how personal development and personal finance skills can help you lead to a more abundant life. Recommended for moms, dads, singles, retired, college students, business owners, and anyone in leadership position.

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As the provider of a syndicated column to 1.1 million readers, a syndicated tv segment in 75 cities, and a podcast to many tens of thousands each month, is a trusted name for unbiased education. SavingsAngel & the SavingsAngel Show attracts a national audience interested in saving and earning more money. These are savvy shoppers who are interested in strategies in spending money wisely. Our demographics skew female and upper-middle class. Our podcast audience, in particular, attracts a highly educated, technically-savvy consumer. 58% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. 67% of my podcast listeners are in the most desirable demographic (ages 18-34). They are looking not just for good deals – but ways to enjoy upgraded experiences using new and innovative services. 62% of my listeners have incomes of $50,000 or more and are tuning in to hear how to spend their money on your product or service. Our opportunities for advertising are limited, measured, and we’ve made the wise choice to be very selective. As a consequence, when we do offer an advertising opportunity, it’s effective - because it's based on content and my personal endorsement! I've worked with Comcast, RetailMeNot, USAA, Betterment, Quicken, Simple Bank, Dr. Pepper, eDiets, and nearly a hundred other large and small brands. For the right match, SavingsAngel is the perfect marketing partner to expand or launch your brand to a tech-savvy, money-savvy, socially-influential audience.
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