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My name is Ray Long, and I am a psychedelic wizard that has transformed himself from a dishwasher from the trailer park to one of the world's most heavily recruited Sr. Software Engineers. More importantly, I'm no longer partying like a wild beast: these days? I take care of my wife and daughter. So what is my podcast about? I teach people how to apply various strategies and tactics to real-world scenarios while cracking jokes along the way... Because I'm a comedian. I do standup comedy based out of Hollywood and the Los Angeles metro area. Regards, Ray long

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Host Name: Ray Long
On a cold and brutal day in western New York, November 9th, 1984 e.v., the creature known as Ramon J. Long III came into being on planet Earth. As a child, Ray grew up with one leg in the woods, and another in the trailer park. And it was here, in that white trash stronghold, that our young wizard first experimented with psychedelics. Having been sufficiently unencumbered by the psychic cleansing, it became clear to Ray that all was not as it seemed... And so, leaving his home and family behind, Ray set off into the world to cultivate his career; from dishwasher to Sr. Software Engineer. Towards the end of 2016 e.v., it became obvious to Ray that the world would be changing forever. Finding himself in Los Angeles during the presidential election, our sinister wizard decided to bring his dark arts to the comedy stage.
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