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Blake Wyland, guitar nut and the main man behind the scenes at, sits down and chats with various characters in the guitar gear world. We talk good guitar tone, effects, amps, and how people go about creating the sound of their dreams. Guests vary from boutique builders, to the musicians rocking the tools of tone. Loaded with info and buffoonery, if you love guitars, music and pizza, you'll love the show! Happy listening and thanks for checking it out!

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Host Name: Blake Wyland
I'm a laid back host who's strongest traits are helping the guests feel at ease and keeping momentum going in long form conversation. I tend to have a very relaxing, conversational show, and I really try to keep things on the positive side. I'm extremely passionate about my show and its subject matter. Guitars, music, life, food. It is all fun. My listeners trust me because I will not sell them up the river. If I recommend something, it is because I truly see some value in it. Hopefully we can work together! Have a good one!
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1-1.5 Hours
Weekly on Mon
Obviously, my audience is very interested in guitar, and all its assorted accessories. Along with that, their interests tend to mirror my own. Music, podcasts, comedy, electronics, food, arts, movies, tv, family, and recording. In addition many happen to be small business owners of some sort or another. Many former guests are now listeners who tune in to hear the stories of their industry friends/competitors.
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