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A true crime show, which combines criminal analysis coupled with occasional interviews. Twisted ( puts out two episodes a month ranging in length from about 20 minutes to 35 minutes. Some crime cases are self-contained within one episode, while other cases may result in two+ episodes.

Based on talking with audience members and my own observations and research, I think my audience is largely
made-up of women 30-60 years old, from all over the world, but mostly from the U.S., England, and New Zealand.

I regularly post about the Twisted Podcast through my Twitter handle (@tiarta24), network within podcasting & true crime, as well as write articles & conduct interviews for various sources within the true crime realm.

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About the Host
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Host Name: John Taylor
Producer & host of the Twisted Podcast, also a true crime writer & licensed private investigator.
Average Episode Length
20 Minutes - 1 Hour
Twice a Month

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