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Podcast description notes: "Pulsating underground sounds for aural recreation. Monthly episodes featuring the mixes of New York City native: DJ Blackmagickspellcast."

Vicious Cycles is a podcast (and blog) originally launched in July of 2016. Having only a few episodes in, the New York City based podcast intends to be an outlet for commonly unknown bedroom producers of the EDM/IDM genre to be heard and discovered. At the same time, the podcast is a tour de force of after-hours chill out, techno/tech-house mixes and a revisit of the classics which helped shaped the scene/culture.

By sponsoring Vicious Cycles, you will connect to a broader demographic (bi-coastal and trans-atlantic) audience. This global transmission is valuable due to its specific and unique theme, its range of listeners and the amount of time and preparation which goes into each episode.

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Top quality audio content.
Posted 04-04-2018
The audience of Vicious Cycles has interests in underground and alternative music, sub-culture and art. Nightlife and DJ (disc-jockey) culture are also both significantly huge interests. Other popular interests are sports, gaming, books (novels and fictional genres,) design, computers and technology. It should be known that this audience consists a great number of listeners in European countries where English may be the second or third spoken language.

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