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Weapon Wheel Podcast is a weekly show that discussed all news and developments involving the gaming and technology industry. We cover current event regarding PS4, Xbox, Nintendo and PC, Electronics and big blockbuster titles like Red Dead Redemption, The Legend of Zelda, Halo, or God of War. Weapon Wheel Podcast is a podcast provokes debates and intense discussions among its members who have unique synergy but also opposing views. We have had industry experts and game developers on the show. A few of our guest have been Jason Schreier, Author of several books and Editor and Kotaku.com, Jeremy Dunham Vice President of Psyonix Studios who developed Rocket League and Techland Games Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala who developed Dying Light. The podcast's reach continue to grow and become more popular in the gaming community. Through our success we have been allowed entry to cover major gaming expos and conventions such as E3 and PAX. Our audience.

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Host Name: Kenneth Johnson Jr
Kenneth Johnson has been hosting Weapon Wheel Podcast for over 3 years. He is business minded, informative and just has love for the hobby on podcasting and interacting with the viewers. Taking Weapon Wheel Podcast to a larger platform is his goal because he truly believes it is an amazing podcast that needs to be seen by more. He is persistent and dedicated to do whatever it takes to bringing podcasts and its member to heights they have never seen.
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Over 1.5 Hours
Weekly on Sun
Technology, Electronics, Video Games, Comics, Movies, PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, T.V., Entertainment
United States, United Kingdom, Canda, Australia, Germany, Netherlands
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