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Mike Winter brings decades of entertainment experience to his listeners through television, radio, stand up comedy and live performances at corporate events. His commentary on topics range from challenges of doing stand-up at Ebola clinics, how to win a drinking contest with an Authoritarian Dictator, debating the severity of erectile dysfunction (after athletes abuse steroids for years), trying to figure out how to re-purpose thousands of discarded jerseys of disgraced professional athletes, picking apart politics with his political pundit buddy, Paul, discussing family life, to covering other breaking national news with his lawyer pal, Ritchie Barrister. Mike also digs into the always entertaining sports scene with his slightly confused, but enthusiastic, 69 year old father. He also enjoys taking a closer look at the pop culture/music scene with the always entertaining, Chicago native, Johnny Pizzle.

That seems like a pretty big crew! Especially with everyone talkin
g over each other to be heard right! Mike brings these guys in one show at a time, so every episode is original and fresh.

This isn't some slapped together production. Every episode is recorded in a studio. It is then edited to catch any mistakes so that the listener stays engaged without distractions.

ENJOY!!! Head to getwisecrackin.com and give it a listen now!
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