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Without Warning is true crime in real-time. This podcast goes behind the scenes with renowned private investigator Sheila Wysocki as she pulls back the curtain on official police investigations of real, tragic deaths that just don’t add up. In Season One of the Without Warning podcast, Wysocki investigates the tragic death of Lauren Agee, who died while attending a lakeside boating event with friends. Is the police conclusion that it was an accident consistent with all the evidence? Hear what

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Host Name: Sheila Wysocki
Sheila Wysocki is a mother of two and an accomplished private detective. It’s not usual to see those two epithets applied to the same woman, but Sheila herself is hardly what most people would consider usual. After solving her former roommate’s murder, a case that had gone cold for more than 25 years, Sheila devoted herself to detective work completely, founding the non-profit Without Warning: Fight Back. She uses this as an outlet for advocating for victims of crime. She is a licensed professional investigator, who will get to the truth no matter how long it takes.
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20 Minutes - 1 Hour
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Without Warning Podcast
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Without Warning Podcast
Without Warning Podcast

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