Your Kickstarter Sucks
your kickstarter sucks
Your Kickstarter Sucks
Technology, Comedy

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YKS is a show all about two friends chilling out, and having a blast. But when it's time to get down to brass tacks, it's even MORE wild and crazy. Mike and JF take their listeners through the world of crowdfunding campaigns and embryonic startups to separate the wheat from the chaff with a critical and not-so-serious eye. Whether it's a scam, a terrible idea, vaporware, or all of the above, YKS is going to give their equally shrewd and bloodthirsty audience the skinny on the crummy products and attempted highway robberies of all types. Plus, of course, tech reviews, snack taste tests, and celebrations of mediocre television. YKS is a real pop culture panoply, and its listeners expect nothing less than an honest dissection of whatever is in front of them that day.

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