AdvertiseCast Emerging Podcast Bundle

The Emerging Podcast Bundle allows advertisers to tap into the highly targeted, highly engaged audience that small podcasts deliver. As a marketer, you are able to run a host read podcast ad campaign to reach a niche demographic.
Only 1% of podcasts average over 37,000 listens per episode, and micro shows reach the majority of podcasts listeners. The Emerging Podcast Bundle connects brands to the often overlooked podcasts that have an avid fanbase and average under 5,000 listens per episode.
  • Aggregation
    AdvertiseCast has vetted and aggregated the best small podcasts in the market to make purchasing longtail host read podcast ad inventory easy.
  • Small Podcasts
    On average emerging podcasts receive 830 listens per episode. Each show is vetted to ensure brand safety and quality control.
  • Results
    The past campaign success from advertisers that have purchased the Emerging Podcast Bundle shows that brands experience the same measurable results and brand lift at a lower price point on small podcasts.

How it Works

AdvertiseCast will match you with the appropriate shows in your category to add to a campaign proposal. Podcasts have control over what brands and products they promote on their show, and their enthusiasm comes across in their ad delivery!