How do I go about finding the best shows to advertise my brand on?

Published September 22, 2020

It's a common question among media buyers. The simple answer is this; start with a test. Many advertisers in the podcast space will begin by flighting 2-3 spots on a large swath of shows to see which ones perform best. Once the initial run has concluded, examine the redemption data to determine which shows you'd like to continue working with. Many advertisers in the space implement direct response campaigns, utilizing promo codes or vanity URLs with an associated discount to entice consumers to buy. This can be a huge help in determining a show's utility to your campaign.

That said, we recognize budgets are often the deciding factor when determining the size and scope of your campaign. If your resources are limited, start by testing a single show in your price range with 2-3 spots. If you see results, look to purchase a larger flight, guaranteeing yourself category exclusivity on that show. If the results aren't there initially, try another show with an audience comprised of consumers in your target demographic. It's the age of analytics and there are a number of options for acquiring data to help you evaluate show options, but in this instance, there is still plenty to be said for a trial-and-error method in selecting shows.

Other things to consider; so many advertisers have become accustomed to tailoring their ads for television and radio. These mediums utilize preproduced spots, resulting in a tightly controlled message from the advertiser. While a number of podcasts also utilize this model with great success, many offer another option – one that resonates more with today's marketing savvy consumer. Over the years, many individuals have grown wise to the corporate messaging that's dominated the advertising landscape for decades. They tune out the finely crafted language from yet another advertiser in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Are these consumers unreachable? Hardly. But you must gain their trust before they'll consider listening to a pitch for your product or service. This is where podcasts can help. Host-read spots, whether baked in or dynamically inserted, provide the consumer with a message from a trusted voice – a host to whom they actively tune in for each week. By purchasing host read spots with a personal endorsement attached (be sure to ask about the latter when vetting shows with your AdvertiseCast sales representative), your message is effectively reaching a desired audience from the mouth of someone they trust. And be sure to listen to a spot from each show you're considering before ultimately electing to purchase, so you have an idea of how each show incorporates/executes ad spots. Each show is different, and some go to greater lengths to make a spot sound organic to their content. In our experience, the more organic a spot sounds, the greater the performance and ROI. You can hear some of the varying ways in which hosts deliver spots by checking out this page.

Finally, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the content of each show you're advertising on. Is the language or content explicit? Explicit content is highly desirable for some brands, but highly undesirable for others. Take a few minutes to get a feel for the show and host to determine if your product or service is a good fit. Your sales representative will recommend shows they think align with your goals, but ultimately nobody knows your brand like you do.

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