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Don't Stifle Me Podcast with Jacob Stiefel
My name is Jacob Stiefel (Stee-full). I'm a Nashville-based Singer-songwriter and I release weekly podcast episodes in which I sit down with guests, based in the music/arts industry, to discuss life, paths to where they are now, where they see themselves going, how that all changes along the journey, what they've learned along the way and are still learning, and other topics that arise throughout the conversations. Amidst the story-telling, laughing, and maybe a little music-playing, the listeners learn something about the guest and their passions, and maybe a little about themselves. Most of my audience are either involved in the music/arts industries, wish to be, or they are avid fans of music/arts. Being based in Nashville, and doing the interviews in person, it's largely based in the Country and Americana/Folk genres, but not exclusively. I also make frequent trips to Texas, where I talk with artists/musicians involved in the Texas Music Scene. I'm a very genuine and honest person, which comes through in my hosting, question-asking, and conversations throughout the podcast. Because of this, my listeners trust and identify with me more and more as time goes on, as I gain more listeners/interest, and as I continue to have quality guests and conversations with them (which amounts to ever-growing quality content). With this close relationship to my listeners, I have the perfect platform to share with them companies and products I believe in and with whom I wish to partner. I will never partner with an advertiser or sponsor if I'm not a fan of them or their product in the first place.
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