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The Prancing Pony Podcast - Tolkien & Middle-earth
Our podcast is an entertaining and informative discussion of Professor Tolkien’s legendarium. Each week, we walk our listeners through Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium a few pages at a time, but in a unique style filled with self-effacing humor, hilarious pop culture references, and the occasional awful pun. We even provide hilarious outtakes and gag reels for our listeners to enjoy, and we do video events via Facebook Live on occasions important to Tolkien fans worldwide. Finally, we've also dedicated several episodes to interviews with noted Tolkien scholars, including Tom Shippey, Verlyn Flieger, John Garth, Corey Olsen and more. Speaking of growth, we’ve seen steady and continued growth month after month, and our old episodes are truly 'evergreen', still receiving a large number of downloads even nearly three years after release. We have a very connected and engaged audience that is active in our social media space (especially Facebook), and they feel very connected to us as individuals because of our involvement in the Tolkien community. We have over 200 patrons who are committed to contributing to the show -- this is a podcast that creates dedicated listeners! We were also recently special guests at a large Tolkien convention/conference, where we broadcast a live episode from their main event room. We've also been invited to record an episode in front of a live audience at Tolkien 2019 in Birmingham (UK), a worldwide Tolkien conference with many top scholars in the field.
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