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Music Makers and Soul Shakers with Steve Dawson
Music Makers and Soul Shakers is a weekly podcast featuring long-form interviews with musicians, producers and music business people that focuses on their career, their creative process and the art of recording. It features leading artists from the Americana world, which includes folk, rock, blues, jazz, and indie music. The listenership is very dedicated and eager, regularly contributing and commenting, as well as bringing new subjects to the table. The podcast fills a niche in that there are many music podcasts, but none that feature such in-depth interviews, and the listeners can expect to hear artists and musicians speaking about the kind of music they enjoy. The artists featured are very supportive and every week, their audiences are exposed to the podcast, so while it is relatively new, it grows each week. I am a full-time musician and producer, which gives me an interesting perspective, and access to artists that many would not have. I am able to relate to the guests in many ways and they tend to open up in a way they do not in a regular interview. This makes for captivating conversations, and most listeners listen tot he entire show, which is usually well over an hour. I am a Juno Award winning producer and artist and receive publicity for my career regularly that also highlights the podcast. The popular website just called my podcast one of the top 2 podcasts about this kind of music, and had this to say: "Dawson's ability to create an environment where the stories flow freely and openly is noteworthy. Budding podcasters would be wise to take note of the techniques both he employs in his work and consider building a landscape of smarter, better ‘casts that deepen our knowledge rather than serve as platforms for our more prurient interests. This show serves a critical role in the chronicling and advancement of Americana and roots music." Read the full article here:
Your Creative Push
Your Creative Push is a weekly podcast that attempts to act as a platform for artists, writers, musicians, photographers and other creative individuals to inspire and push listeners into taking action with their own creative ideas. The podcast has been going strong for three years and has reached the #1 spot in iTunes "New & Noteworthy" for Arts as well as Visual Arts. I have interviewed artists with 2 million+ Instagram followers, writers with more than 28 million copies of their book in print, and YouTube celebrities with over 600 millions plays. My audience is hungry to learn new things and to be inspired. They trust me, and they take action. For two years I have been talking about taking on an advertiser, but haven't pulled the trigger yet because I haven't found the right one. My listeners have actually ASKED me to get advertisers, as they want to see me get compensated for providing them with so much value. Aside from ad reads, I will also talk about your product or service during the show. If we are partners, that means that you are a part of the YCP family. I will talk about you every chance I get. My episodes are also uploaded to YouTube. My channel is growing and some episodes get thousands of views if they happen to be picked by YouTube's algorithm (or if that week's guest already has a presence on YouTube). Your advertisements will be heard there at no additional cost to you. And like the podcast, that content is evergreen and will be heard for years to come.
Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs
Praised by NPR as "the thing that's making us happy this week"***, Mark and Sarah Talk About Songs (MASTAS) features two arts and entertainment journalists -- Mark Blankenship and Sarah D. Bunting -- discussing pop songs they feel passionately about. Both Mark and Sarah are longtime music dorks who get VERY enthusiastic about everything from Salt-n-Pepa's greatest hits to Jewel's worst cultural crimes. MASTAS has reached the top 5 of the iTunes Music Podcast chart and in less than a year has been dowloaded over 100K times. Our regular episodes receive 2200 downloads in the first 60 days, and our themed episodes receive between 3000-5000 downloads in the first 60 days. Episodes of MASTAS are generally centered around a single song, though some rank every song on an album or explore a particularly theme (Christmas songs, left-y political songs, etc.) The discussions always range far and wide. No matter what, however, MASTAS remains lighthearted, and smart. Blank space weird problems with metadata. The hosts are opinionated and lively, but never snarky. MASTAS posts a new episode almost every Thursday. ABOUT THE HOSTS: Sarah D. Bunting is the co-founder of both Television Without Pity (and co-author of the TWoP book) and Previously.TV. Her website Tomato Nation has been prominent for over fifteen years, and her writing has appeared in Salon, The New York Times Magazine, and many others. Mark Blankenship is a noted theatre journalist who created and edits the magazine TDF Stages. He also has written for The New York Times (and NYT Magazine), The Village Voice, Variety, Salon, Vulture, and many others. He is the producer and director of the documentary film series Meet the Theatre, and he has appeared as a cultural commentator on CNN, The Joy Behar Show, and the CBC. In 2015, he lived the nerd dream by competing on Jeopardy! *** NPR reference occurred on the December 21, 2016 episode of the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour. The MASTAS praise begins at 41:37.
Just Wanna Quilt
Conversations with quilters, designers, tool-makers, all kinds of people connected to the quilting industry. Hobby quilters, famous quilters, and everyone in between. A research podcast from Tulane Law School hosted by Elizabeth Townsend Gard. Yes, some talk about copyright and intellectual property law too and how it connects to quilting. Quilting is a $5 billion a year industry, with around 10 million quilters. We learn about each other and the industry, and along the way make friends. In addition to the podcast, we have an active Facebook group that has grown to 1700 active members. We talk about the issues in the podcast, share stories, learn about new tools, and discuss entrepreneurial and copyright issues. What is different from the other quilting podcasts (yes, there are quite a few) is that these are in depth conversations about our life and quilting, and not merely product advertising. We learn about tools from the moment of the idea. We hear about the impact of charity quilting. We are a community through the podcast. In the last 8 months (we aired in Feb 2018), we have become a hub in the quilting industry, and that was no more evident when we were invited to have a booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival in November. We had famous quilters sitting with hobby quilters. People dropped by. The industry took notice of us and our approach.
3D Escape Room: Frequency
This Escape Room podcast is a unique interactive and immersive experience produced by multi-award-winning production company, The Owl Field, that capitalises on i) the escape room phenomenon, ii) the buzz surrounding interactive content after Netflix’s release of Bandersnatch, and iii) the rise in popularity of 3D audio and VR. Its innovative concept will enable the podcast’s sponsors to reach new audiences as it will attract many listeners to the interactive escape room theme, many of whom will be listening to their first podcast. The ad spot will play just prior to beginning the game and will enable the advertiser to have a key affiliation with the podcast, as no further ads will play once the game has begun. This is an outstanding opportunity to be a key sponsor on a unique podcast with considerable viral potential. Additionally, it is an experience that will command the listener’s undivided attention as they listen intently to the production’s immersive binaural audio through headphones. Listeners will be particularly focused as they will be keen to best their friends and family. The podcast is produced by multi-award-winning 3D audio production company, The Owl Field, which has been named a top innovator in publishing, won FutureBook’s Bronze BookTech Company of the Year, has been a best-seller on Audible, and has accumulated over 300k downloads of YouTube. The interactive podcast places the listener at the centre of an escape room, where they have sixty minutes to find and solve all the audio-based puzzles. It is produced in 3D audio, and features a full cast of 22 voice actors.
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