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The Only Music Podcast
In English from Sweden comes The Only Music Podcast, published every two weeks. Hosted by Staffan Ulmert, producer and editor, and Louise Hammar, label executive and A&R, the podcast features music news, reviews, recommendations and industry. This is a music podcast which isn’t necessarily tied to a specific set of genres. The goal is to avoid being too nerdy and restrict our listeners to the one’s who consume music and the music news 24/7. However, by using their experience, having been in the music industry and worked with interesting and creative people, they aim to bring insight and context to today’s fragmented industry. Broadcasting and hailing from Sweden, they might butcher proper english grammar, but having a unique perspective of not being tied to European, American or English acts or scenes. Staffan Ulmert is a music producer who’s released his own, sample-based music under his moniker Mojib, as well as remixing high profile acts such as Radiohead, Muse, The Go! Team, Ian Brown, among others. He’s also the founder of Has it Leaked, a music community featured in The New York Times, BBC World and Wired, among others. Lousie Hammar currently co-runs Telegram Studios, one of Sweden’s biggest indie labels. She’s also managed several international artists, such as U2, and is working with both indie and major record labels. As a publicist and A&R in Sweden, France and the UK she has a vast experience of the music industry.
Just Wanna Quilt
Conversations with quilters, designers, tool-makers, all kinds of people connected to the quilting industry. Hobby quilters, famous quilters, and everyone in between. A research podcast from Tulane Law School hosted by Elizabeth Townsend Gard. Yes, some talk about copyright and intellectual property law too and how it connects to quilting. Quilting is a $5 billion a year industry, with around 10 million quilters. We learn about each other and the industry, and along the way make friends. In addition to the podcast, we have an active Facebook group that has grown to 1700 active members. We talk about the issues in the podcast, share stories, learn about new tools, and discuss entrepreneurial and copyright issues. What is different from the other quilting podcasts (yes, there are quite a few) is that these are in depth conversations about our life and quilting, and not merely product advertising. We learn about tools from the moment of the idea. We hear about the impact of charity quilting. We are a community through the podcast. In the last 8 months (we aired in Feb 2018), we have become a hub in the quilting industry, and that was no more evident when we were invited to have a booth at the Houston International Quilt Festival in November. We had famous quilters sitting with hobby quilters. People dropped by. The industry took notice of us and our approach.
Star Wars 7x7 | The Only DAILY Star Wars Podcast
(Description updated 6/17/17) Star Wars 7x7 is the only DAILY Star Wars podcast, and will publish its 1,100th numbered episode on 7/8/17. The show is billed as "Rebel-rousing fun for Everyday Jedi, at least seven minutes a day, seven days a week." The audience, as you might imagine, consists of very dedicated Star Wars fans, and fans who often listen with their Star-Wars-loving kids as well. Because of the short length of the podcast, it's ideal for people who like to fit a daily burst of Star Wars joy into their lives. The lion's share of other Star Wars podcasts come out weekly at best, and often run for an hour or more, which requires a long and open space for people to listen. The format of Star Wars 7x7 makes it much easier to consume. In addition to Star Wars news, trivia, character analysis, and reviews of various storytelling Star Wars media (movies, books, TV shows, comics, games), we also conducted dozens of interviews with Lucasfilm employees and Star Wars creatives on the podcast. Downloads of the podcast are up 69.4% from last year (comparing Jan-May 2017 vs. Jan-May 2016), and host Allen Voivod has made more than a dozen appearances in radio and television interviews in the US and Canada as a Star Wars expert. To promote your business, a 30-second midroll spot on the podcast is just the beginning. We'll also promote you on our social media channels, and coming soon, our livestream and archived video broadcasts. Here's what Jeremy Meadows, Marketing Strategy Senior Manager at Nissan, had to say about their engagement with us to promote the Rogue One Limited Edition Nissan Rogue in April 2017: "Nissan was thrilled to work with Allen and the Star Wars 7x7 podcast. Allen provided excitement and enthusiasm to the ads he created for Nissan and also offered unique opportunities for interviews at Star Wars Celebration for Nissan. We recommend Allen and the Star Wars 7x7 podcast to other brands looking to communicate with Star Wars fans in a fun and engaging way." Now, it's your turn! We'd love to learn more about your business, and determine how best to introduce you to our audience.
IT'S TIME TO TALK is hosted by sisters, April Jorden and Dedra Jorden from Sunset Gower studios in Hollywood, California. Their mission is to encourage, uplift and re-awaken the spirit of hope in humankind. IT'S TIME TO TALK has interviews with celebrities, motivators, entrepreneurs, and influencers. With their fun-loving personalities, April and Dedra explore topics that can help you create a better life for you and your family. The show also highlights people who are "using their God-power for good" by helping those in need and giving back. Our podcast airs live bi-monthly and can be seen visually as well as heard audibly. We can show our advertiser's brand and graphics during our live broadcast. These graphics will also be visible on YouTube once the show is uploaded. Commercial Ad will be aired during IT'S TIME TO TALK live broadcast shows. • Live broadcasts air bi-monthly. Commercial Ad will be heard on IT'S TIME TO TALK audio podcast through iHeart Radio, iTunes, and Spreaker. Commercial Ad will be uploaded to the IT'S TIME TO TALK YouTube channel for further promotion. • Any Commercial Ad or Sponsor mention will be played on YouTube indefinitely. We have worldwide exposure and our live shows reach at least 10,000 listeners through multiple outlets including social media and our internet radio station. The outlets are listed below: UBN Radio TV Live listeners UBN Radio TV Facebook Live listeners Ubn App IT'STIME TO TALK Facebook Live listeners iTunes podcast downloads iHeart Radio podcast downloads Stitcher podcast downloads YouTube Views Demographics Gender – 66% Women/ 34% Men Age Range – 25 – 54 years old We take great care in our relationship with our advertisers and respect the brands we partner with.
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