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Tales From The Flip-Side: The Podcast
Tales From The Flip-Side is a weekly arts and culture podcast (syndicated on the Dieselpunk Podcast Network) and video cast (on Our audience is made up of men and women age 18 - 35 interested in sci-fi, fantasy, gaming and comic book pop culture. Our target market reaches your target market. Our current list of affiliates and sponsors includes Audible, Magic Subscription Box, Go Games & Calendars, Blue Microphones, and Empower Sound. John Pyka Productions has found success in a niche market by creating live and digital entertainment for audiences in the “geek culture” community. The biggest reason to partner with a popular content producer like John Pyka Productions is a simple truth that is very visible: Geek is “in.” With the television and film market dominated by genre fare ranging from horror to fantasy, science fiction to comic books, the undeniable reality is that the geeks have inherited the earth. It is a Culture that deeply values the social connections and community events which bring them together for deeper exploration of the subjects they hold dear. This segment is highly influenced by the “buzz” within their circles, regarding choices of any kind: food and drink, technology, vehicles, home goods and more. There is a core value of fan community support which carries a lot of weight within “geek circles.” Those businesses and groups who support them tend to become “a part of the tribe,” and are remembered when otherwise mundane consumer choices are presented. Whether a small independent operation, or a national corporation, participation in “geek culture” event entertainment makes an impact in penetration across this consumer group. As recently highlighted by the staggering box office success of the comic book films, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and the Star Wars Saga, fans of genre fare are hardly limited to a specific age group or class. Fandom reaches into every age, income, and racial spectrum. Getting in touch with fans directly through the entertainment they consume is a key opportunity for an impression beyond the next video rental or publication purchase, transcending into cars, homes, business services and beyond.
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