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Wit Wisdom & Wonder
Wit Wisdom & Wonder are little bits of wisdom from legacy interviews, books, life observation, and words of wisdom from ordinary to extraordinary people. Some things will make you laugh, some will make you say "Wow". Some will make you wonder "What the heck!" Inspiration and motivation can come from the strangest places. Listen closely, the answer to what you are wondering about may just pop up. Wit Wisdom & Wonder episodes are publishes weekly. Your host, Ersula Odom, is an author, radio host, Mary McLeod Bethune chautauquan , motivational speaker and prize winning life lyricist. During interviews and podcasts, Ersula shares the fond and treasured recollections of a country girl whose life was shaped and enriched by the wit, wisdom and love of her grandmother.  Ersula also shares insights learned during her years in a fortune 500 corporation management, from her 150+ published news & magazines, from family life, entrepreneurship , and life itself. Ersula's first book, "At Sula's Feet" further enhances her ability to connect by providing a means of addressing complex issues in lighthearted and simple terms.Her journey takes you down the dirt roads where many of her life lessons were learned in a time that was simple and significant as she wrote in At Sula's Feet. "African Americans of Tampa" has been awarded and gotten rave reviews from the community it addresses. The book of approximately 200 photographs is visually appealing and the information Ersula wrote is educational.  Ersula's third book, "The Doris Ross Reddick Story", documents how one person can make a difference spanning countless generations. Ersula has been researching Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune and portraying her for the Florida Humanities Council since 2006, is a member of African American Historical & Genealogical Association, Zeta Phi Beta, the Citizens Advisory Committee on the Economic Impact of Cultural Assets appointed by Tampa’s City Council, The Mayor’s African American Advisory Committee and is president of The Talk of 5508 Toastmasters. All of her experience culminates in interesting and engaging interviews with her podcast guest and personal observations.
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