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Old Dawg's REI Network with Bill Manassero
Welcome to the Old Dawg's REI Network where cash flow is king, real estate investing the means, so you can enjoy your retirement dreams! Your host is Bill Manassero who started investing in real estate at the youthful age of 58 years. In this show, he will share his real-life successes and blunders as he seeks his quest to acquire 1,000 doors/units in 6 years. This podcast is a fun, information-packed program that features knowledgeable, engaging guests who will provide practical and easy-to-understand tips on how to succeed in real estate investing. Geared toward 50plusers seniors who are approaching retirement or already there, each episode addresses real estate investing in light of the challenges of retirement living and fixed incomes. Emphasis is on immediate cash flow, short-term strategies, passive income infrastructures and building a legacy for your family’s future. The show guests will include actual real estate investors, as well as industry experts, who share tips on how real estate investing is a viable means for generating additional retirement income now. You’ll hear from real estate investors doing real deals, making real money and building real wealth in the "perfect storm" of today's real estate arena. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advance investor, you'll learn not only the real world knowledge and skills you need today, but also the mindset necessary to grow your real estate portfolio at your pace -- to meet your investment goals. No hype, no sales pitches. Just the information, skills, mindset and insight that will help you succeed. To enjoy podcast episodes not shown here, visit
Wrestlenomics Radio
Hosted by analysts Chris Harrington and Brandon Thurston, Wrestlenomics Radio is the premiere source for financial analysis of the pro-wrestling industry. We cover the legal machinations, corporate business results and unique statistics for sports entertainment companies such as WWE. Our audience listens to Wrestlenomics Radio for in-depth coverage of the business elements of professional wrestling and discussion of the changing media landscape. We cover how over-the-top (OTT) streaming services are evolving, how changing generational tastes are influencing media consumption, the latest industry reports and trends, and how major conglomerates are continuing to redefine the relationship between the content creators and the content distributors. We are both well-respected and veteran writers who are often breaking stories covering lawsuits, quarterly earning calls and major industry developments (particularly around new media and television). Our audience is worldwide: USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York), UK & Ireland, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Germany & Austria and Japan. Our unique focus brings a lot of educated, professionals who are invested in a serious, weekly podcast. We can connect advertisers to an audience that has disposable income and will spend it to support brands, products and ideas that provide comfort and stimulation in their adult life.
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