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Bring Your Own Security Radio
Bring Your Own Security Radio is hosted by a 21 year IT veteran and professional hacker since 2009. Dave holds the coveted CISSP certification, attends industry events such as RSA, BlackHat, Defcon, Bsides events regionally, Secure World events and local events. He is also a guest speaker at many events. However, Dave has been around a few blocks in the IT/Security field and isn't just someone on air talking about things, he does those things. Dave has been in the healthcare industry for more than 8 years, as well as private and public consulting in several sectors including education, enterprise size business and retail. In addition to the CISSP, he also holds many certifications including the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), the Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH), ITIL, Certified Encryption Specialist, MCSE and 14 others. Dave is featured on iHeartRadio's largest (and the overall largest station in the United States) which is 700 WLW AM radio based in Cincinnati. 700 WLW is heard over the AM airwaves in 38 states (and sections of Canada). He appears as Dave The IT Guy on the Scott Sloan morning show regularly. Dave also hosts this show on the iHeartRadio platform, as well as rebroadcasting via podcasts on Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Music, Google Play, Stitcher, Spreaker and just about any other podcast platform you would like. With access to all of these platforms, Dave is heard by millions on a monthly basis. Each episode is one hour in length, and often can provide listeners with one CPE/CEU for their tech certifications simply for listening. This is an added bonus for driving listenership.
Start-Up Reality
Start-Up Talk aus dem realen Leben. Unsere Interviewpartner sind Start-Ups aus ganz Deutschland. Wir sprechen über den Werdegang der Gründer, über die Entstehung der Gründungsidee, die Zeit bis zur Realisation, Fallstricke, dem Konzept sowie dos and donts bei der Gründung und Start-Up Phase. Dabei ist es uns wichtig, (potentiellen) Unternehmensgründern, Einzelunternehmern und Star-Ups auf Augenhöhe Informationen aus erster Hand zu geben und im Alltag Motivationen und Anreize zu geben das eigene Unternehmen erfolgreich zu gestalten. Aus diesem Grund fokussieren wir uns bewußt nicht auf die High-Performer, sondern auf das Start-Up um dich Ecke, welches Innovator und Gamechanger in seiner Sparte ist oder werden könnte. Neben dem inhaltlich interessanten Beiträgen für den Podcasthörer bieten wir den Interviewpartnern und deren Unternehmen einen Platz für PR. Start-up talk from real life. Our interview partners are start-ups from all over Germany. We talk about the career of the founders, about the creation of the founding idea, the time to realization, pitfalls, the concept as well as dos and donts at the foundation and start-up phase. It is important for us to give (potential) company founders, sole proprietors and star-ups on an equal footing with first-hand information and to provide motivations and incentives in everyday life to make your own company successful. That's why we deliberately focus not on the high performers, but on the start-up around you corner, which is or could be innovator and game changer in his field. In addition to the interesting content for the podcast listener, we offer the interview partners and their companies a place for PR.
jumbleThink Podcast
The jumbleThink podcast was launched in February 2017 with the goal to help those with big ideas and dreams turn them into reality. The podcast has been ranked number one on the business and career categories iTunes / Apple Podcasts. It is now in season three with over 220 episodes. Each week two new episodes are released. One episode is a guest interview usually running between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The other episode is a topical episode focused on entrepreneurship, idea formation, innovation strategies, creativity, or business strategy. In 2019 jumbleThink was approached with the opportunity to syndicate the podcast on 16 AM/FM Stations twice a week along with being broadcast on their streaming audio channel. The Radio Show version is live on 16 AM/FM radio stations on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4pm eastern on the following channels: 92.1 FM Tampa Florida, 99.5 FM Las Vegas Nevada, 87.9 FM Macon Georgia, 102.1 FM Lancaster Pennsylvania, 96.3 FM Boulder Colorado, 90.3 FM Milwaukee Wisconsin, 94.7 FM Pittsburg Pennsylvania, 101.5 FM Long Beach California, 97.7 FM The Villages Florida, 87.9 FM Colorado Springs Colorado, 90.3 FM Jacksonville Florida, 1630 AM - Tampa Florida, 1520 AM - Las Vegas Nevada, 870 AM Macon Georgia, 1640 AM Lancaster Pennsylvania. It is also live streamed online on each stations live feed. It is an hour-long show with one or two guests per show along with topical segments around entrepreneurship. Between the podcast outlets and the radio show, we reach over 720,000 listeners each month. Our audience is the older millennial, younger gen-xer (between 25-44 years old). 60-65% male, 35-40% female. They are longing to find community...a tribe in which they belong. They often have ideas that are abnormal or go against the current trends. They don’t accept the status quo but long for more. They typically spot the up and coming trends long before their friends or family. They see the world as what could be, not what is. You could spot them watching Ted Talks, with a group (not looking at their phones) talking about ideas and dreams, reading, writing, inventing, and building. They love both things that are old and things that are new. While they are pushing into uncharted territory they also know the value of the people that have gone before them. They look to those people for wisdom and the stories they can tell. They are the misfits, the outcasts, the voices unheard. They tend to have a strong faith and sense of integrity.
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