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There is Life After Layoff with Host Ali (Alicia
There is Life After Layoff with Ali is a live talk radio to podcast show that focuses on the mental and social health of individuals who have suffered a job layoff. Host "Ali" went through 3 major corporate job layoffs following college. Her 3rd layoff came at a time when she just started having her children and balancing motherhood and being a wife and in a household that needed two incomes. Ali decided to take a different path with her husband and supporting extended family and faithful supporters to enter the world of entrepreneurship to allow her more time to raise her small children. Ali started a Blog writing about her emotional journey from corporate america. From the success of her Blog she coordinated with Melinda Davis Executive Producer of the them Atlanta Life Radio (now branded as Up2Me Radio) and started a live talk show/podcast called There is Life After Layoff. There is Life After Layoff is the longest running show on the Up2Me Radio Network starting in 2015 and entering its 6th season.. The audience that connects with this show are other individuals with a story of job layoffs, emotional confusion, and others suffering a unexpected life altering experience. All businesses that support this show will be promoted through the Up2Me Radio website, social media pages, the There is Life After Layoff Blog and through of course through a syndicated show first aired live then in podcast syndication remaining available and accessible on demand.
Up2Me Radio - Branding with Purpose Podcast
Branding with Purpose Podcast Hosted by Shantha Wetterhan is produced and aired on the Up2Me Radio Live Talk and Podcast Network. Show Description: Welcome to the Branding with Purpose Podcast with Host, Shantha Wetterhan! Shantha is a certified social media strategist, branding expert trainer and founder of Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management. Branding with Purpose is designed to empower entrepreneurs to live out their purpose while developing an impact on your personal brand. We have conversations with successful business owners and entrepreneurs about their purpose and what it takes to grow and sustain in today’s digital world. We have a lot to talk about so join us! The Audience The audience are professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking to learn more about branding, marketing their brand, how best to use social media platforms and strategies to maximize their impact. The "theme" of purpose is incorporated into each episode so that the listener can determine how best to position their business and personal brands. How we will promote your business We will promote your business in all podcast episode pre, during and post promotions. To include website postings, social media posting, Facebook live pre-show promotions. During the show the Host can read your ad or we can audio play your ad during the podcast. We will also provide Ad photo or video space on the show page on the Up2Me Radio website.
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