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The Commercial Break
Krissy and I love making each other laugh and our podcast has one purpose…invite the listener to join in the fun! We discuss everything from own personal lives and foibles to the world around us and the insane times we live in. If it can give us a laugh we talk about it. We have reached inside the Top 130 Apple Comedy Podcasts on multiple occasions, rank inside the Apple Top 10 Improv Comedy Podcasts consistently and are among the Top .5% trafficked shows active today. Our current show description : In early 2020 Bryan Green asked his best friend Krissy Hoadley to help him fulfill a life long dream...Create a mediocre comedy podcast! Now each Tuesday and Friday they take a break from reality and dig into the insanity. They take an irreverent and humorous look at this crazy world and those who inhabit it. No ground sacred! TCB: A truly an absurd comedy podcast with a loyal listener base. TCB is hosted by Bryan Green and Krissy Hoadley. The pair met while working in the business offices of a large radio / online media company. They are both passionate about creating compelling, funny and entertaining content each episode. They only accept advertisers they believe in or would use themselves. They will make every effort to connect the dots for the audience and are happy to discuss creative ways to engage their audience in an effort to add value to the sponsor and the listener. TCB has a show philosophy: Each listener is a to them accordingly and treat them as such.
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